How to choose the bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaids are chose for the bride, in both the domestic and foreign countries; the new couple would like to invite a bridesmaid to accompany the bride in the wedding to help the bride do some little things which would not disturb the bride. While you have to pay attention to the dress for the bridesmaid, it is really not a simple thing for you to choose the dress, you could not choose the appropriate colors and styles of the bridesmaids’ favorite, there is a simple way to solve the problem that you can just tell the bridesmaid the main color of the wedding and the style of the bride dress, you can let them to choose the dress for themselves, they would choose the suitable dress for themselves. Then we took a gorgeous purple chiffon bridesmaid dress as an example to show how to choose the bridesmaid dress.

bridesmaid dress

1 The single-shoulder dress

If the bridesmaid is a little plump, the single shoulder dress would be suitable, and the single shoulder design would perfectly show the figure of the chest figure, meanwhile it will highlight the fashion feeling, it would help to avoid the too fat feeling of the body. The single shoulder dress is always poplar among the bridesmaid.
2 The strapless dress.

The strapless dress itself is a classic style for the evening dress, design with the special features of the dress will highlight the curve of the bridesmaid, and the tight dress would also help to show the perfect figure of the waist. The strapless dresses sometimes mean the sexy feeling of the host, thus choosing a strapless dress would be a wonderful choice for the bridesmaid in the wedding.

3 Wide belts and the asymmetric design dress

This style of the dress would help to create a special visual feeling, it help to attract people’s attention to the belly part, thus this style dress is suit to the thin figure bridesmaid.

No matter what the principles for the bridesmaid to choose the dress, what you have pay attention to is avoided be too wonderful. The beauty of the bridesmaid should be hold; their main work is to foil the beauty of the bride. Thus in the dress choosing should be careful, in the ordinary occasions, you can choose the sleeveless dress or no collar dress, while in the wedding you should match these dress with a belt or a pair of the gloves to show the grace. And you would better to avoid the dress styles which are the whole strapless or backless, they are seemed too sexy.

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