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The match principles you have to know about the white wedding dress

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Every girl would have a dream that is have a piece of wonderful and perfect love, and go together to the marriage hall with the groom, and of course every girl wonder be the shining bride and attract all the people’s attention. Many brides would like to choose the white wedding dress, because the white is the purest and most romantic color, but the match principles could not be forgot, the delicate match would make the bride more beautiful and elegant. Here we would like to give the more detailed introductions below.

white wedding dress

1 the matched makeup

The marriage is holy, and the bride who wears the white wedding dress would be more elegant and graceful, thus the brides should have a perfect makeup, and the makeup for the brides has a high requirement, because it should be matched with the wedding dress and the atmosphere of the wedding. Because most of the wedding dress is white, and the makeup should be clean and graceful which should be coordinate with the wedding dress, the too bright colors makeup should be avoided, and too much headdress should be avoided, the simple and elegant headdress would highlight the beauty of the bride.

2 the underwear should be matched with the dress

Most brides would pay attention to the wedding dress and related headdress except the underwear; in fact it is also an important point. Because the wedding dress is white, the brides should avoid choosing the daily using underwear, they should choose the professional underwear which is special used for the wedding dress, with such underwear the effect of the wedding dress would not be affected, and they can avoid the embarrassment of the improper underwear.

3 the shoes should be matched with the dress

Some brides would not believe that the matching shoes is important because the wedding dress would cover the shoes, while it is not always the truth, if you wear a pair of black shoes, and the beauty would be decreased when you show the black shoes accidentally. Thus we are recommended the brides choosing the white shoes to match the white wedding dress. The uniformed match dress would make the bride more graceful.

Knowing the principles for the white wedding dress matching, we believe you will be the most shining and elegant bride at the wedding party.

A good choice- a line wedding dresses 2013

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

When we put the dresses on, it is the most beautiful moment in our life, it is the most memory in our life, it is the happiest time in our life, it is the appearance question, it is time to the a line wedding dresses 2013, at this time, it is the most memory time in our life, if it is for your best memory, at this time, the choice of wedding dresses is not so easy.

It is necessary for us to choose the wedding dresses in our life, of course, with the development of the society between the prices and styles, the styles of a line wedding dresses are becoming more and more, on one hand, it could satisfy different kinds of body shapes, the colors of wedding dresses also become more and more, it is very elegant and simple, on the other hand, it could make us more shinning and glamorous, at this time, the most important is not the body shape, the right choice of wedding dress is the key point.

a line wedding dresses 2013

Now I will give a brief description of the wedding dresses for the girls who are going to the church, all you think is not right, if you want yourself to be shinning on the party, you need get more knowledge about wedding dresses.

First is necessary to have long hair?
Many people think that if you want to put on the pretty wedding dresses, you have to be with long hair, which could show the charming of your body shape, then it is not all right, since the bride with short is special on the wedding, it could give us the fresh on the wedding, if you have short hair, you could try it on.

Second is it necessary to put more and more wedding dresses?
When you are going to be on the wedding, we always try on many styles on the wedding dresses, we always think that if you try more wedding dresses and have a more look, in fact we could not choose the right wedding dress which is proper for yourself.

A line wedding dresses 2013 could satisfy many different kinds of girls in the styles and colors, no matter you have long hair or short, when you put on the a line wedding dress and choose it, you would be the most beautiful bride!