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The tips of choosing special occasion dresses for women

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Don’t try to go beyond your partner. If you will, of course, in a more conservative, adhere to the leadership. In addition, if you want to complete a fashion is considered to be sure, caught you.

What will be the final decoration like the party? Contemporary and fashionable environment will call material, gold, silver, precious metals and green color. The theme of an antique or before may want more downy, depressed or color version. Maybe your ball has a theme. This may also affect your choice of color and you provide the design of clothing.

special occasion dress

The late outfit of inclined shoulder strap design shoulder completely asymmetric evening wear, beautiful domineer over, but it is a lovely and radiant don’t know the secret of his. The late outfit of inclined shoulder strap design for open personality type, shoulder week slightly masculinity women. If you have an outstanding personality of square face, temperament and suki majestic. So, this kind of art, the presence of a special evening dress, can make you be a focus. Special character gentle women are not suitable for wear strapless gown. Because these women have special meticulous collarbone, and domineering dress phase contrast, would seem to be very uncomfortable

How was your date? Most girls to choose their favorite dress for a long time they buy his tuxedo. Because you will make the picture memory for life, add your clothes is very important. Usually, if you wear light color, he can see the biggest in a light gray or white suit or dress. If you are bold and bright, he really should choose black. With the popular view, don’t attempt to perfect match his shirt or accessories as the main color of the clothes. It usually doesn’t work because of a slight drop shadow is absolutely to recognize the difference between, in case you game, you are like a garment provider for risk-taking. Remember down. And Mary? There is a security strategy is suitable for your shirt or belt, tie to the secondary or accent color. A white shirt with sharp cuff is always right.

The beauty of holiday dresses for women

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

The beauty of holiday dresses for women It is not a big party or banquet, is just a holiday, if you need to wear the dress, so for women, what pay attention to? How to show a graceful posture with a holiday dress, which become a secret weapon and attracts everybody’s sight.

According to the face to choose dresses.

Different face has the different styles of the dress. Round face or short neck had better choose dipped neckline,strapless,V neck or off the shoulder dress; square face could choose V neck or sweetheart dress, and not square dress; inverted face is not for sweetheart, could choose big scoop dress or bateau dress; the last is oval face, it is for all dresses.

short blue holiday dresses

According to the festival to choose dresses.

As long as you can match with festivals when choosing holiday dresses and not too extravagant, the color of the dress could be a little bright, such as red which cold show the holiday spirit.or multiple colors. You could choose the color according to the age of the lady. The young lady could choose the simple glamorous one, and the middle aged lady could choose graceful and fashion dress, and the old one had better not the bright color such as white pink or blue dress.

When holiday comes, everyone wear a new dress to celebrate, even thought the holiday dresses are not like evening dress or wedding dresses, they are not complex. The above have taught you how to choose, hope that the same mistake could be ignored. The tips of small holiday dresses for women.