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The charming of maternity wedding dresses

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

In our society, love is just a war, if you win, then you could use the key to open yourselves life, shotgun marriage is not strange now, but, if you as a maternity , you also could choose your beauty, the maternity wedding dresses, they are the best present for them, even you don;t have the prefect body shape, you also could make yourself a shinning star.

The appear of size maternity wedding dresses, which solve many maternity brides, of course, it is also suitable for the girls who have the heavy body, then how they solve the charming of the maternity wedding dresses? Then today, I will talk about it, hope that if you have the problem about that, you could have a look.

plus size maternity wedding dresses

First the choose of wedding dresses
The tulle would make the wedding dresses more shinning and elegant, which would give us the comfort feeling, then as the seersucker appears, it add the straight feelings, and it don’t have the dump feeling, in the replace of the beauty of harmony, you also could add the floral on the waist, which also could make the dress the beautiful scenery.

Second the match of color
The champagne is the simple of noble, if it is the same color in the wedding dress, you also could add the same nail color, then the style would be amazing, which could make the high level bride appearance.

Third the choice of heels
If the wedding dress is too long, you had better choose waterproof when collocation of shoes with a sense of texture, which could higher your charming, of course, you also could involve the hemline into the heels, it is also very great.

The simple plus size maternity wedding dresses are very convenient for the bride to choose, the simple design also could make the maternity very beautiful, at the same time, it could cover your shortcomings and show your waistline to make yourself shinning on the wedding party.

The tips of electing the maternity wedding dresses

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Nowadays many bride is the pregnant, the pregnant wedding dress is so specially, they need to cover the pregnant and fashion, short pregnant wedding dress is coming faster and faster, then how to choose short pregnant wedding dresses, maybe you could get the answer if you read the following.

First General wedding dress upper body is skinny, waist and corset and skirt loose open, pregnant as a special group, the waist will influence the birth of baby, at the same time, it do not look so good, so the result is not so good, since the loose wedding dress is not adopted to the pregnant.

pregnant wedding dress

Second a greek wedding dresses are mostly adopts the design of tall waist waist line is the basic position in the chest, so it can cover the waist, can make your legs look slender again at the same time, very suitable for early pregnant baby brides.

Third choose smooth satin dress, smooth satin wedding dress, concise and bright, no excess decoration, expansion does not appear from the visual, visual effects contraction stature, but still comfortable to wear, suitable for tall plump pregnant bride.

Fourth pregnant wedding dress comfort is the most important, at the same time, it need to be loose and pretty, at the same time, when you make up, need not to the cosmetic, you also could cover the leg and back with the shawls.

Fifth the big hemline wedding dress is the best choice to the pregnant bride with high hips. The wide princess dress could cover the high hips, in the sight, it also could shorted the body slim, which could give us the small effect.

The maternity wedding dress is going to up, when we choose it to show the beauty, you also need to think the baby.