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The design tips of plus size wedding dresses

Monday, May 12th, 2014

There is more and more plus size wedding dresses in our society, the plus size clothing is more and more wide prospect of market. However, large size dress will look good to wear? Its design is more or less is different with general size dress? In fact, the difference is: yes, here is to look at the design of the large size dress what are the main points.

First dress design pay attention to integrity, a set of dress before the sample, the designer has already made clear its owner will be what kind of women.Women to wear big size clothes, the body itself is too full, if the dress is too complex, on the overall design will make the wearer look more fat, so the integral design of the large size dress must be very contracted, decorations and level are not special.

plus size dresses

Second the length of the dress is too short. Because of big size dress women rarely see legs slim. Long short so if the dress will be exposed the wearer to shelter the elephant leg, a set of clothing if you can’t let wear failure of foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, so the length of the large size dress are generally knee-length and sweep train.

Third The waist of the dress design is generally ornament or waist is high waist design. Why is a special emphasis on the waist design? For its big size dress waistline sizes, and in order to meet the needs of most women wear big yards, into the waist design freely bundled silk belt, or blocked by the lower abdomen, in order to highlight the high waist of dress, is the mind of the designers for plus size dress cost.

The tips of ordering plus size formal dresses

Friday, March 21st, 2014

The tips of ordering plus size formal dresses

Many people want to put their own dress, but the people have different height and height, so it is difficult to reach, especially for very large body of people, sometimes it is difficult to choose a dress to meet their requirements, then we can go custom plus size formal dress, then we in the custom of the time to pay attention to the following points.

First: before measuring the size, you have to make adequate preparations for their dissatisfaction such as chest bride, with a chest pad can be re- measurement, or dress inside plus a built-in chest pad can, you can wear a pair of highly the right shoes to help you accurately measure the specific length of the dress.

plus size dress

Second: the accuracy of the measurements is very important designer in the amount of size to you, do not breathe deep breathing should be natural balance, measuring tape is not close to the body, which is to be able to rotate freely, size is not too tight, otherwise you could feel uncomfortable, and the risk of bursting, fit is the best.

Third: the price of dresses and dress fabrics and styles relevant if we often wear the dress, we might waste little bit, a little expensive custom high-end models, in conjunction with their actual.

Fourth: dress styles to choose classic style, timeless classic, some of the details of the design, and designers can communicate well in the extent feasible to make the appropriate changes, but also to tell the designer what you wear underwear for designer dresses to grasp the size of the reserved space.

In short, custom plus size formal dresses in addition to doing the above details, should also arrange their own time, to control their own body, because our weight is difficult to permanent.

The plus size wedding dresses could make you amazing

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

The plus size wedding dresses could make you amazing

When people think that they didn’t expect it back to school, also have a homecoming dress, even the fat girl has increased the homecoming dress can wear. Usually just have a class, or shopping, and dress up also are students at ordinary times is dressed up, wear clothes are leisure clothing, most girls wear skirts, but which have so mature and easy skirt. Usually dress is suitable for the student age. So if wear increase the homecoming dress, what kind of change it will be ?

The characteristics of the plus size dress

First of all, the dress should be light, design should be suitable for school age is short, and don’t be too costly, steps should be light, and dance. Can dress with some bow as modified, or choose a short dress, with fold, add a pair of lace gloves, high heels is fine with or sandals can be.

white plus size dress

Second, the material of dress can be chiffon or lace, can see through the gauze ambiguity, who is a reliable dance hand in hand. The color of the dress not only confined to the black, black gives a person the sense of the mysterious nobility, not near; White is elegant, give a person feel the person is too pure, pure to dare not touch. Can choose a few sweet lovely colors, pink, sky blue or light purple is right.

Finally, the proportion of the dress is not symmetrical, before and after can cascade, can also be uneven, perfect administrative performance. So, whether lath lath dress, or increase the plus size dress, all need to have administrative levels feeling.

When you choose dress, which is just for you. And increase the plus size dress is suitable for more bloated figure or a rich man, and lean thin type of dress is suitable for long. When picking the homecoming dress, want to know yourself, and see yourself for what kind of dress, don’t choose the wrong dress.